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quill The Sound Man

The Sound Man is a contemporary novel where fake news and political manipulations keep an isolated mountain enclave prosperous and peaceful. Beneath the surface, however, there are many secrets. A new mineral has been found and a Presidential visit is being planned. The peace of the beautiful area is threatened by the voices in the head of a young boy and the investigations carried out by a visiting journalist and political ambassador.    

– 135,000 words approx. 

The Sound Man  Synoposis

The Sound Man first three chapters   

quill Lightening Rods

Lightning Rods is a modern adventure following a nine-year old’s journey to survive and fulfill his dying father’s instructions. Susho is alone in a ravaged terrain, tinned provisions the only concrete possessions he has to cling to as he sets out on a crusade to reach the highest point of their island. That is where his father promised salvation. The journey is fraught with adventure, a range of devious stragglers, danger, and self-discovery. Tempted by violence and aggression, he falls into a spiral of lethargic despair until the love and care of another orphan rescue him from self-pity and forces him to mature and regain the confidence necessary to fulfil his goal and his father’s last request.

– 130,000 words approx. 

Lightning Rods Synoposis

Lightning Rods  first three chapters   

quill Warpaths

Warpaths is a contemporary urban novel where violence, manipulation, and intrigue force sixteen-year old Zaida to grow up quickly. Her best friend’s death and the unexpected contents of his computer files drag her into a maze of political intrigue as High School elections throw students and adults into conflict. Zaida unexpectedly discovers her ability to lead and inspire others. The challenge is not to lose herself in the process.  

– 140,000 words approx. 

Warpaths Synoposis

Warpaths First Three Chapters   

quill Walking on Water

Walking on Water is a contemporary adventure novel where ancient myths resurrect and prove all too real. Nemed has returned to the isolated island from the city to take care of an elderly grandmother. He has left behind a girlfriend and a job. He whiles away the time with long nights drinking but soon finds himself drawn to the cliffs and ocean that took his parents’ lives when he was a child. When he sees a mysterious woman walking the beach, the spell is cast and there is no escaping her enchanting attractions. His grandmother and friends fight to keep him on shore but Nemed is helpless in her arms. The island’s myths become real. Nemed chooses fantasy over reality.

– 50,000 words approx. 


Walking on Water  first three chapters   

 quill Hatching Secrets

Hatching Secrets is a contemporary novel exploring a young woman’s inability to deal with a childhood tragedy. Janet leaves London for a remote village in the West of Ireland. Isolated, with only the company of locals and the ghost that appears to haunt her new house, Janet has no choice but to begin facing up to her tragic past. Her boyfriend is also on the trail and races to find her. Janet keeps running, leaving everyone else behind to complete the puzzle in whatever way makes them happy and keeps them far away from her.  

– 73,000 words approx. 

Hatching secrets Synopsis

Hatching Secrets first three chapters

 quill Floodlines

Floodlines is a contemporary family saga exploring the impact of one man’s indecision in the midst of civil war. Sonnyjo is a simple person with basic needs. His fight is to avoid being dragged into a world he doesn’t understand or care for. There is no such thing as innocence and his attempts at hiding from politics and social pressures only generate tragic consequences for his family.

– 120,000 words approx. 

Floodlines Synopsis

Floodlines first 3 chapters

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