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What a Day

Half Empty Mag #1 Sweet and Sour Oct. 2021  HERE

Weighed Down

Fiery Scribe Review #1 Tempest Oct. 2021  HERE

Long Day’s Journey

Riveting Rants  HERE

Blown Away

Long List Blinkpot Award 2021  HERE    Book available HERE

Big Yellow Taxi

fieryscribereview July 2021   HERE

Frying High

Ample Remains, Issue 4 Preserves June 2021   HERE


Sledgehammerlit May 2021   HERE

Topically Challenged Vol 1. Delighted to Have a piece included HERE: Proceeds from book sales will be donated to BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity.

Topically Challenged Volume 1

A Handful

Fiction Kitchen Berlin April 2021   HERE

The Touring Test

Briefly Write April 2021   HERE

Sleeping Beauty

Fudoki Magazine March 2021   HERE

Eve of Destruction

Free Flash Fiction, March 2021   HERE

In Stitches

50/50 Lit Issue 1 2021   HERE


Issue 5 The Sock Drawer Literary Magazine   HERE


Issue 1 Full House Literature Magazine   HERE

The Old Cow

i love dream journal   HERE

Boxed In

Door Is A Jar, issue 16, fall 2020   Paperback   


No Reply Required   Here

I Fear You

Dreams Walking, Issue 3   Here

Bill it to Me

Palm-Sized Press, Vol 3   Here

High as a Kite

Carnival Issue perhappened mag   Here

Paragraph Planet

June 28, 2020

Banana Bones

Issue #5 Detrius (page 8)   Here


on   Here


50 word story

Valium  The Drabble

Museum Piece


50 word story 22/01/2020

Pussycat Blues

75 word story 20/11/2019   Paragraphplanet.

Paris metro circle lineWhat are the Odds?


The Rabbit Hole: Weird Stories Volume 2 (English Edition) de [Bausse, Curtis]Proud to have Up the Lane published in this collection:

The Rabbit Hole: Weird Stories Volume 2 (ed. Curtis Bausse)

Amazon Digital:

Universal digital link for other retailers:


The Banashee’s Sister

Prize winner & Strange Days Books 9th short story contest (international section). Theme: Round Midnight. Judge: Gregory Papadoyiannis.  HERE Round Midnight

Snapshot - Flash Fiction by E F S Byrne 

Snapshot in Reflex Fiction, Summer 2019 (just missed summer long-list)   HERE

Immortality, Almost in Flash Fiction Magazine, August 2019   HERE

Glass Ceilings in Clover and White July 21, 2019   HERE


(second year running!)

A Slight Encounter

Waterfall in Reflex Fiction, just missed long list Spring 2019   HERE

Smoke Signals 101 Words 

In Stitches in Christopher Fielden News Writing Challenge, Story No. 30   HERE

Hair of the Dog - Flash Fiction by E F S Byrne  

Hair of the Dog in Reflex Fiction, just missed long list   HERE

12 Word Summar Competition … one of the winners 

A kiss, a near miss, Autumn blushes, storm clouds brush summer away.   HERE

Lunchtime in 121 Words   HERE

Rockfall in Flash and Cinder Issue 1 (page 18)   HERE

Zero Options - Flash Fiction by E F S Byrne

Zero Options in Reflex Fiction  HERE

Long List at Fish Publishing 2018  HERE

Fearless   Short Story Finalist 2018 Field of Words   HERE

One Sided Race

This collection includes:

Battlestations (Winner), Lost Souls, A Life’s Work and Just Popped in for a Minute

 Available through Lulu here

Pedestrian Effort at

Pedestrian Effort

Blindfolded at The FictionPool   Blindfolded

Fairy Tales at Ten Sentence Tales   HERE

Overboard at RumbleFish Press   HERE

February 2018 Zeroflash Entry

Us Robots

January 2018 Zeroflash Entry

Ship Ahoy

121 Words HERE  or  in Winter Collection

Another Draw

Long List “Raw” Competition on

Play Acting - Flash Fiction by E F S Byrne

Play Acting in Reflex Fiction   HERE

I’ve Seen You Before in Zero Flash   HERE

Pumpkin Pie  Christopher Fielden’s 81 word challenge  Story 187  HERE

Available on AMAZON … profits to Arkbound Foundation charity

Lunchtime in 121 Words   HERE  or   HERE

With Our Eyes Open: Book a Break Anthology 2017 by [Bausse, Curtis, Morris, Sherry, Hobbs-Wyatt, Debz, Fleury, Saphia, Mallet, Lyndon, Welshman, Malcolm, Fong, Peter, Ackerman, Hal, Klinger, Laurence, Keely, Kevin]

I came and met your Absence

in With Our Eyes Open: Book a Break Anthology 2017 

Ed. by Curtis Bausse

Great collection, great cause.



 Titillation and Any Chair in a Storm

in Tuck Magazine


101 Word Flash stories

Shut up

Take a Deep Dive


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