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Zero Options

Resultado de imagen de tombstoneFrog spawn. I watch them form in the puddle at the end of my garden, hiding behind stray leaves, raw grass, immature daffodils. They bundle and fuddle and look almost happy.
He promised he’d plough. We tried hard to cultivate.

Blind Date

Resultado de imagen de guide dog“Funny little creature that girl.”
“She is, isn’t she?”
“Lovely sweet thing.”
“But she does wander.”
John made her feel secure. She’d go anywhere with him. Just close her eyes and follow.

Slight Encounter

He could remember the song. He moved in tune, did a quick dance across the kitchen floor, fell into bed. Could hardly miss. It was a one room apartment.

The Gravity Tree

Resultado de imagen de gravity tree“Can you explain Newton to me? And Pie. And all that?”

Of course he could. He’d do anything for her, the apple of his eye.

“Love you.”

“Me too.”

Burnt Out Princess

The car was cold and sticky, recently cleaned. Her father forced a smile. She knew it was a fake. He was trying to calm down but she knew he was stressed, capable of scratching the car door on the concrete pillar of a parking lot. Burnt Out Princess

Hair of the Dog

Resultado de imagen de dogOdds on favourite. It didn’t take Seanieboy long to die. Not after the bus crunched his skull leaving little more than a dark brown stain climbing up the side of a rubbish bin. He’d been drinking of course. But so had his father. Hair of the dog

The Boyfriend

The wind howled. The rain pelted. Thunder crumbled, lightening shafts split  their eyes. Simone struggled to speak sometimes but Sonia liked him.

Tristan and Tristan

He sat back into his seat. They couldn’t find a babysitter. His wife was at home with the kids

Resultado de imagen de wagner

tonight. He didn’t mind. The orchestra tuned up. Knees bumped.


Curled up in bed, cozy, smug, music pounding, making up drip in the heat, hot chocolate skippering down the side of a cooling cup. Not easy keeping it all under control.

Play Acting

What did you say you used to do?”
Resultado de imagen de beckett“That’s one for the books. Never had an actor before.”
The wheelchair crunched through the gravel as the two men crept down the garden in hope of a few minutes’ respite, before the evening set in.


Brothers Joe and Jack clambered back up the cliff face to admire their progress. Down below their ledge was greening, beginning to sprout. The potatoes might grow. Something had to.

Big Yellow Taxi Tree

Resultado de imagen de yellow taxiThe taxi exuded fumes threatening the senses with a billow of frightening novelty, lungs bellowing to escape. Rosita wanted to cry desperately but didn’t dare. She’d already thrown a fit when they passed customs.

The Old Cow

It was one of those days when you woke up drowsy, feeling you hadn’t slept, with dreams still running circles around your head and a song ringing in your ear. Usually one you didn’t really like. This morning it was a nursery rhyme.

Resultado de imagen de halloween

I’ve Seen You Before

Below, down the valley, the lake trembled. Wind began to hustle, then howl. Autumn leaves were flustered to their graves as the lake gurgled slightly, turned darker in the falling night, gloomy, watchful. The Big Man sat on the bank. He licked his knife …

What a Day

What a day. Big Johnny sat back in his armchair. Hard black plastic groaned slightly. He sighed with pleasure. They knew each other well: they were both soon comfortable.


People nodded as the Old dear moved past, slowly, surely, unobtrusive, unavoidable, determinedly hunched over weak knees but forging a steady pace.

Microwaving the Cat

Helen checked the instructions. In about fifteen languages. Helen only understood one. It still said nothing about microwaving the cat.

Natalia’s Big Secret

Resultado de imagen de secretNatalia had a peppered white nose. It rested cozily within a freckled face filled with pimples and that tantalizing smile encouraging you to do something just beyond your reach.

Oh Dear

That hazy evening rain blew in over Honolulu, blasting away the heat of the day in preparation for a good night’s rest. How the hell had they managed to find him.

The C Word

There was magic in the air. Silvia took a deep breath.
The two boyswere squabbling. As usual. Only a year between them, best of friends, hated each other’sguts, jealously rarely left too far aside.
“Just wait a minute.”
Theirmother sighed, tried patience. “Please?” Silvia
gave them an electronic appliance each and they seemed to calm down.

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