Resultado de imagen de teen growingQuirky, short, entertainment for
growing teenagers and their parents.

There are dozens more!

quillA Good Choice

Mummy what’s an election?
Why honey?
Daughter wiped her nose, spat out her pasta. Why did Mummy always want to know why? Why couldn’t she just answer the question. A Good Choice

quillBoiling Over

The dog didn’t usually get angry. It preferred running around madly or just lying on the couch one eye closed, the other vaguely following everything that was happening, ears flopping idly, ignoring the tele that nobody ever switched off. Boiling Over

quillCat Nap

It made no sense.

It just didn’t.

The kitten scratched and bit, trying to get rid of all the grey hairs and just be black, like it’s dad.  catnap

quillSock it to me

My Granddad was a very wise man. Then he died. Which was sad. But he told me it would happen. Wise people always die he told me. My Grandmother just laughed. sockit

quillI Don’t Believe You

I kissed that frog but it was no prince, it was just wet, slimy, green and horrible. Don’t Believe You!

quillStorm Envy

I thought my house was enormous.
I thought I was tiny.
I thought my parents so tall.
I thought my sister so small.
But I was wrong.


quillLairs of fun

It was a cold wet day when the dragon started to move. It slithered, slivered, belched, puffed volcanic fumes, roared flames over the mountain tops. Lairs of fun

quillFlies in the Ointment

“Mum! It’s stuck to my finger!”
“Just throw it away dear.”
“But it’s living. I can’t just kill it.”
“Put it out the window then.”

Flies in Oiintment

quillMobile Technology

He sat back and sighed. He’d been promised the best present in the world. All he had to do was steal the key from his father, sneak down the road at night, out into the park and open the door to the hut at the bottom of the path. That’s what it said on the internet. MobileTechnology

quillThanked Up

I don’t think fish in rivers and oceans swim around and round. Caged fish are like tigers in the zoo. ThankedUp

quillTemper Temper

The baby threw the banana on the floor.
That was funny. His father smiled. Picked it up, put it back on the high chair. TriTemper Temper

quillAll Dolled Up

There was blood all over the place.
The dolls were fighting because one was hipper than the other, one was more expensive, one appeared in more TV ads. All Dolled Up

quillA Cat’s Life

I can’t sleep. I am hot. I am cold. I need a blanket. I don’t. I open the curtains. I close them. I drink water. I spit it out. A Cat’s Life


Math’s isn’t my favorite subject but as a hobby I have been doing some calculations: sometimes I’ve noticed math’s is interesting and useful. Countdown


My sister has got a boyfriend. I wish I had one. Maybe I am too young. So is my sister. Divorce

quillTrick or Treat

Only Tommy knows how Halloween really started. Trick or treat

quillLightening Rod

Baby Poo was running wild. She jumped on the sofa, fell off, screamed, ran off again. She grabbed a slipper and hid under the armchair.  Lightening Rod

quillFood for Thought

When the food you love to hate eats you alive! Food for Thought

quillSummer Lessons

The pains of football training when you should be on holiday. summerlessons

quillCoo Coo Poo Poo

Cooing and cooing and booing away. All I want is a poo. I cry louder. They push coloured toys in my face. I spit them out.. coocoopoopoo

quillDouble Trouble

How to raise two troublesome sisters. doubletrouble


Growing pains … when it all goes wrong and you just can’t enjoy that weekend. Hobbled


Look at that dog.
Which one.
There is only one.
He’s looking at you. Think he likes you.. Hotdog

quillSophie had no choice

Daisy and Rose, twins, so different even though they looked virtually the same, the same to anyone who didn’t know them and to their mother they were completely different because nobody knows you just as well as a mother: that is nice, and scary.. Sophienochoice

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